Concourse Lake is part of Fairmount Park’s Centennial District, the 236 acres where ten million people celebrated the nation’s hundredth anniversary in 1876.

Stabilization work is under way on sections of Concourse Lake’s northern wall. Voids in the wall allow 56 gallons per minute to flow out of the lake adversely affecting habitat and water quality. Recent investment in and around the lake (establishment of wetlands and a native plant garden) compelled Fairmount Park Conservancy to evaluate the causes of the leakage and propose fixes. Following a hydrogeologist’s assessment of the extent of the voids in the wall, a stabilization plan was developed. The Conservancy engaged a specialized waterways contractor to clean, repair and seal the wall. In advance of this work, Conservancy staff with assistance from Philadelphia Water installed a water level monitor to determine water levels pre- and post-construction. With the lake retaining more water, we hope to reduce the growth of aquatic vegetation and enhance habitats for birds, reptiles and fish.

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