Education is an important part of the Concourse Lake Native Plant Park.

Conservation is a priority at Concourse Lake Native Plant Park and the restoration of the beautiful urban area. The following pages include educational information, teaching guides, and more that can be used in school and at home, courtesy of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.

On the following pages are some educational games and puzzles that can be used in school and at home.

All of the activities below have names of animals, birds, trees, and insects that can be found at the Concourse Lake Native Plant Park. Have fun learning about Concourse Lake and the conservation of our natural resources. Click on the topic below and you will be directed to an activity.

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Connect the Dots

Count the Gold Leaves

Crossword Puzzle  | Answers

Finish the Maze | Answer

Fill in the Blanks | Answers

Habitat Game

Instructions: Players 4
Needed: Download and cut out game board, dice, and tokens

List of words used on game board: flower, lake, grass, bird, bench, butterfly, park, insect, squirrel, daffodil, plant, path, fish, and frog.


  1. Each player rolls the die then moves the number of spaces.
  2. If a player lands on a “move back” or “move ahead” space, they do so.
  3. If a player lands on “lose your turn”, then they must stay at that spot and do nothing for the current turn. They are skipped for the next turn.
  4. The first person to land on the finish line is the winner!

Coloring Page #1

Coloring Page #2

Coloring Page #3