Exciting News!

Meet Eduardo, our Volunteer Manager!

by Fairmount Park Conservancy on May 6, 2022

We are thrilled to introduce one of the newest additions to the Fairmount Park Conservancy team: Eduardo Dueñas, our new Volunteer Manager! Eduardo joined the Conservancy in April 2022. As Volunteer Manager, Eduardo is responsible for the daily operation, growth, and strategic vision of the volunteer program. He also works closely with the Conservancy’s departments and partners to implement volunteer leadership training programs for both park-based service work and Park Ambassador Corps.

Originally from Honduras, Eduardo has a bachelor’s degree in Eco-tourism and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. He has previously worked at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education as the Manager of School Programs. In his work, Eduardo has worked with schools and organizations across Philadelphia, focusing on expanding access to nature for different communities and constituents of all backgrounds and ages. He is passionate about environmental education, community organizing, and building partnerships in support of sustainable environments.

Get to know Eduardo a bit better by reading his Q&A below.

Why do parks matter to you?

Parks are so important as a place to exercise, come together, play music, and share time together. Nature and green space are key parts of a happy and healthy community.

What compelled you to join Fairmount Park Conservancy in your new role?

I am so excited by the opportunity to work with diverse communities across Philadelphia. Just like no two parks are the same, no two neighborhoods or communities are quite the same and I love getting to get to know each one that I work with. Whether working with individual volunteers, company workdays, or community programs, we are all coming together for a common benefit.

What gets you most excited about your role at Fairmount Park Conservancy?

Everything! The opportunity to discover and work on new parks, meet new people, and build new opportunities for them.

What’s one thing you’d want to encourage park visitors to do (or not do!) for their parks?

Please consider volunteering. It is the best way to make an impact in your park and community.

What is your favorite park in Philly?

I like a lot. If I have to chose one, I would say Tacony Creek Park.

Share something interesting about yourself? 

I like snakes, drawing, playing music and spending time with my family.