Exciting News!

Meet Tara, our Senior Project Manager

by Sara Hirschler on January 24, 2022

We are excited to introduce one of the newest members of our team, our Senior Project manager, Tara Rasheed. Tara joined us in November of 2021 and is doing her part to bring public space improvements to the people of Philadelphia. As Senior Project Manager she is responsible for directing project design teams, bidding scopes of work, and ensuring construction executed is of the highest quality. Prior to joining the FPC team, Tara worked for the City of Philadelphia as Design & Construction Manager focused on Parks and Recreation assets.

Tara’s work specializes in Historic Preservation and she has had the opportunity to complete many masonry and roofing restoration projects on historic structures in New York including: the Woolworth Building, the American Museum of Natural History, a federal courthouse and post office, a couple church spires, some fancy townhouses, and an awesome yet challenging copper skylight! She graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, and before that Temple University.

You may see Tara around the park, checking on our many active construction projects. Until then, get to know her a little better via the Q&A below.

Why do parks matter to you?  

I love parks because I love public space, and the moments of peace and joy the nature allows us to have, just a few miles from our homes, for free.  Park are places where we meet, play, reflect, and simply exist in shared space.


What compelled you to join Fairmount Park Conservancy in your new role?  

I live in Philadelphia and grew up here, so I wanted to use my skills to repair/rebuild/restore the city that raised me up.  As Senior Project Manager I can help to build public infrastructure that can support everyday people and restore spaces and structures that may last far beyond my own time on this earth.  

Why are parks important to communities?

Public space and the built environment are the some of the first places we see as children and feel ownership over.  These places are our shared public art, our laboratory, our personal geography that extends our spirit to the world outside our homes.  It’s all the lessons of Sesame Street.

What gets you most excited about your role at Fairmount Park Conservancy?

I am excited to help maintain historic structures in the park.  I really believe the best building is one that is already built!

What’s one thing you’d want to encourage park visitors to do (or not do!) for their parks? 

Please collect your litter!

What is your favorite park in Philly? 

I love climbing to the Tedyuscung Statue in the Wissahickon.  My son loves the waterfall at the end of MLK Drive near the Falls Bridge.

To learn more about the many projects Tara is working on visit our Capital Projects page and our Conservation page.