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Meet Tatiana, our Conservation Technician

by Melissa Romero on February 1, 2022

We are excited to introduce one of the newest members of our team, our Conservation Technician, Tatiana Paden! Tatiana originally joined the conservation crew as an intern in 2021 and joined the staff full-time this year.

You may see Tatiana around Philly parks, working on our many conservation and preservation projects at historic houses, public art sculptures, and more. Until then, get to know her a little better via the Q&A below.

Why do parks matter to you?
Natural green space is so important for not only our planet, but for our own mental health and well being.

What compelled you to join Fairmount Park Conservancy in your new role?
I was interested in historic preservation and joined as an intern and fell in love with my position and the park along with the staff.

Why are parks important to communities?
They give a place for rest, rejuvenation, and socialization and public space for connection to the community. Without public spaces communities become distant and tense.

What gets you most excited about your role at Fairmount Park Conservancy?
Being able to work hands on to revive the homes in the park and see my work have such positive results on the park and it’s community.

What’s one thing you’d want to encourage park visitors to do (or not do!) for their parks?
Clean! If you can just pick up a piece of trash on your way in and out, it can be such a significant effect. And please report dumping sites that you find in the park to 311!

What is your favorite park in Philly?
Norris Square is near and dear to my heart, because it’s the park that started this journey for me through my undergraduate final thesis.

Share something interesting about yourself:
I’m a major advocate for the LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities in Philadelphia. I’m fluent in ASL and trained in assisting the visually impaired.

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