Exciting News!

Meet Ausra, our Planning and Engagement Project Manager!

by Melissa Romero on March 31, 2022

We are thrilled to welcome a new member to Fairmount Park Conservancy’s team: Ausra Mussett, our Planning and Engagement Project Manager! Ausra joined the Conservancy in March 2022. As the Planning and Engagement Project Manager, she supports the Capital Projects team by designing and implementing community engagement plans and strategies. She also acts as a liaison between designers, contractors, and the public to ensure that projects are managed with transparency and efficiency. She brings experience with project management and community engagement to this position, as well as a background in environmental design. Though she will always have a special place in her heart for her hometown of Buffalo, New York, she is excited to see and experience all that Philadelphia has to offer.

Get to know Ausra a bit better by reading her Q&A below.

Why do parks matter to you?

Parks are my favorite public spaces. Many of my most cherished memories were made in parks or other greenspaces. I also love the way that learning about horticulture changed the way I observe my surroundings. Even small parks provide me joy, peace, and beauty.

What compelled you to join Fairmount Park Conservancy in your new role?

I joined the Fairmount Park Conservancy and relocated because I want to make an impact within a growing park system. It’s inspiring to live in a place and work for an organization where there is such momentum to improve and protect parks!

Why are parks important to communities?

Parks provide social opportunities, as well as natural beauty and numerous health benefits. They are unique in their ability to bring together many different groups of people and can even provide space for humans and wildlife to coexist. 

What gets you most excited about your role at Fairmount Park Conservancy?

I get to work with individuals that have so many different areas of expertise including community members, designers, engineers, architects, and public officials. I am excited to learn from them what makes Philadelphia parks special and what their vision is for the future. 

What is your favorite park in Philly?

I love my neighborhood park, Clark Park. Because I’m new to the area, I’ve been doing a lot of exploring on foot. I’ve always felt welcome there whether I’m sitting with my coffee and reading or just passing through on a run!

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