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A new life for fallen Fairmount Park trees

by Sara Hirschler on August 4, 2017

If a large tree falls in one of Philadelphia’s parks, it is now likely that it will be turned into something useful – like a nice bench to sit or a beautiful bar to order food from at The Oval+.

Thanks to a new program in collaboration with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, large fallen trees from Fairmount Park are salvaged. Previously all logs were ground into mulch or used for public firewood.  In an effort to capture the value in the best logs, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation has started a program to create valuable hardwood lumber.  Park arborists now deliver the best logs to the recycling center where they are collected.  When enough logs, usually about 40, have been stockpiled, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation hires a local sawyer who brings his mill and expertise to the site.

Typical species include ash, oak, maple, cherry, black locust and black walnut. Most of the wood comes from the Wissahickon and Pennypack Creek parks and occasionally from other larger urban parks.  Logs are typically salvaged from trees that have fallen during storm events. Want to have your very own Fairmount Park bench while supporting the park system? Check out a selection of benches and wood slabs currently at The Oval+ until August 20th available for sale by clicking here.