Community Spotlights

Meet PowerCorps Fellow, Ian Holland

by Lindsey Walker on March 15, 2017

We are excited to welcome Ian Holland to the Fairmount Park Conservancy family! Ian is joining us as a PowerCorps Fellow, a special six-month position that gives graduates of the PowerCorpsPHL program the opportunity to gain additional work experience at nonprofits across the city. Ian previously served as an AmeriCorps Member and Data Coordinator with PowerCorpsPHL, and he’ll be working with FPC’s Stewardship and Natural Lands teams for the next six months. We asked Ian a few questions so we could all get to know him a bit better.

Tell us a bit about yourself! Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school? Any fun facts or secret talents?
I was born and raised in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Went to Roman Catholic, Bishop McDevitt High School and spent the last two months of high school at Germantown High. I went to college to become a Radiology Technician but eventually left to find a career that I really enjoyed. A quick fun fact about me is that I have a slight addiction to hats and floral clothing. In my down time I spend my time at the gym and train about 2-5 people throughout the week. 

You chose to work with Fairmount Park Conservancy for your PowerCorps Fellowship over a few other options. What made you want to work with us?
After PowerCorps, choosing a fellowship was a hard decision to make. I wanted to work in an environment that I could grow from and feel comfortable working in as well. I chose to work at Fairmount Park Conservancy not just because Erin and Luke made me already feel welcomed in the interview, but because I was familiar with Parks & Rec through PowerCorps. So from there I wanted to understand more about the park and the land which my city was built on.

You’ve only been with us for one week, but what has been your favorite experience so far?
I have two favorite experiences so far this week. My first favorite experience is working in the office with Erin, Lindsey, Adela, Chris, and Ed. Their conversations and the way the way they communicate with each other are funny. You can tell they all have a silly side and like having fun, but at the same time they get what they need done. My second favorite experience are the meetings that I have attended. It makes me feel good sitting in on something of importance.  

What do you hope to get out of your Fellowship with the Conservancy? Is there anything in particular you hope to learn?What I hope to learn from the Conservancy is the stepping stones of putting together projects around the city as well as the business side of a “non-profit.” Also from the Conservancy I would like to get a long term friendship from the people that I will be working with for the next six months. I know I haven’t talked so much thus far, but I’m just trying to understand and take all the information in.   

What do you hope to do after your Fellowship?
What I’ll do after this fellowship is still a tricky question. There are a lot of options on my plate that I have to choose from. But I do know I want to work in land care or with the city parks.

Stay tuned, we’ll be sure to feature some of the exciting projects Ian is involved with in future blog posts.