Exciting News!

A new water bottle filling station at Mander Recreation Center

by Sara Hirschler on July 27, 2017

Last week, a brand new water bottle filling station and fountain was installed at Mander Recreation Center in East Fairmount Park. The installation was a collaboration between Fairmount Park Conservancy, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, Amber Art and Design and the Strawberry Mansion community. These entities came together to collaboratively create an artistic piece of park infrastructure that not only provides water to park users, but also helps keep thousands of disposable bottles from becoming park litter or landfill waste. This is the fifth bottle filling station in Fairmount Park, with the other four located along the Schuylkill River Trail between the Water Works and East Falls and installed by the Philadelphia Water Department. The City of Philadelphia and the Office of Sustainability are interested in seeing expanded access to public drinking water as an effective way of reducing waste and litter while encouraging healthy habits. We hope to continue to support the installation of additional water bottle filling stations and fountains where park users need them the most and look forward to the installation of the next one which is slated for Eakins Oval later this summer.