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These Philly parks still need volunteers for Love Your Park

by Melissa Romero on November 4, 2019

Love Your Park Fall Service Day is just days away! More than 100 Philly parks are participating this year, and a lot of parks are still looking for volunteers to clean and green on Saturday, November 9th.

Love Your Park is a program of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and Fairmount Park Conservancy, in partnership with more than 100 volunteer groups who steward their neighborhood parks. Every fall and spring, thousands of volunteers come out to clean and green their parks, plant trees, clean up litter, and more to help prepare parks for the winter.

While nearly 900 volunteers have already signed up to Love Your Park, these Philly parks could use your help on November 9th! Learn a little bit about each park below, and then sign up to volunteer here.

Carroll Park

Carroll Park is a five-acre park that occupies one square block in the West Philly neighborhood of the same name. Like many of Philadelphia’s squares, it features a central fountain surrounded by lawns and tall trees and dates back to the late 18th-century, when it was built by brick maker and developer Eugene Carroll. The park’s most recent additions are a playground, sprayground, and signage that were installed last year. The recently formed Friends of Carroll Park group is working to to put the “neighbor” back in “neighborhood” and make Carroll Park their gathering space for the community. Read more about their efforts here and sign up to volunteer here.

Hunting Park Community Garden

The Hunting Park Community Garden has cultivated a welcoming food paradise in the heart of Hunting Park. The vegetable gardens, orchards and pollinator gardens have been tended to with love and dedication. Over the years, they have not only grown amazing nutritious food for their families and community, but have sought to engage neighbors, schools groups and Girl Scouts in garden activities as well as support a thriving Saturday Farmers Market in Hunting Park. Volunteer to help plant bulbs, mulch beds, and clean up trash and litter at Hunting Park Community Garden here.

Fernhill Park

This 39-acre park is a leafy oasis in the heart of Germantown. Originally part of Louis Clapier’s 19th-century estate, Fernhill Park today still has trees at the park that were planted by Clapier, as well as others that date back to the 1800s and earlier. In addition, there’s a playground, sports fields, trails, and a pollinator garden. Help the Friends of Fernhill Park clean and green this beautiful park here!

Fairhill Park

Fairhill Square Park offers 3 acres of calm and relaxation in North Philly. The park’s heart features a playground, and there’s also a central garden and a stage for performances. On Saturday, November 9th, come out to help clean up this lovely neighborhood park by registering here.

Wharton Square Park

Established in 1890, Wharton Square Park is a 4.3-acre neighborhood park in Point Breeze that features a playground, tennis courts, and gardens. On Saturday, November 9th, join the Friends of Wharton Square for a day of cleanups, food, music, and networking! Register here.

View the full list of participating parks on Love Your Park Fall Service Day below: