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A conversation with David Guinn and Robert Goodman, artists at GLOW in the Park 2017

by Sara Hirschler on October 12, 2017

On October 19, we will unveil a new temporary installation by David Guinn and Robert Goodman. Their piece was designed specifically for the Reflecting Pool at the Horticulture Center, the site of this year’s GLOW in the Park. Here’s an interview with David and Robert, who give us a sneak peek on what to expect.


Please tell us about yourselves—and share a little about your relationship to Philly’s parks.

David: I’m a lifelong Philadelphian and artist.
Robert: I’m an artist and avid park user. In fact, I spend a portion of each day in the park either running, paddling, or hanging.

What are some of your favorite places in Philly’s parks and why?

David: Fairmount Park is amazing. So huge and wild. The pavilions on the rocks behind the art museum and the vista they afford out over the Schuylkill river are an amazing place to watch the sun set. Clark Park is an awesome neighborhood park, and the Washington Avenue Pier is an amazing wild space amidst the debris of modern civilization.
Robert: I love hiking around Forbidden Drive. I’m also a huge fan of the Centennial District and spend many summer days at Kelly Pool. It’s also really nice seeing the baby ducks in the Spring on West River Drive.

We hear you are big fans of Parks on Tap. What do you enjoy the most about this program?

David: There’s nothing like socializing and having a drink in a beautiful natural environment!
Robert: It has been a real adventure going to Parks on Tap. I’ve explored neighborhoods I’ve never been to, visited historic Mansions, and learned about parks I’ve never even heard of.

What kind of role do you think parks play in cities?

David: Connecting with nature is key to emotional well-being. As a parent, having a place for kids to feel free to explore is essential to our children’s sense of connection with the natural world.
Robert: Parks are an awesome shared space. They enrich and frame our daily experience and are amazingly democratic.

What was most appealing to you about the possibility of creating an artwork at the Horticulture Center?

David: The beauty of the space at the Horticultural Center and the chance to make something that interacts with both built and natural environments is very exciting.
Robert: The reflecting pool really spoke to me as a space/surface to animate, agitate, and reframe.

What do attendees of GLOW in the Park have in store in terms of your installation?

David: We hope that GLOW attendees will get see something they haven’t seen before, something wild and new, but that touches on primal ancient experiences – glowing shifting lights in the night, mysterious and elemental architecture. Set into the long fountain at the Horticulture Center and responding to the built and natural environments surrounding it, our installation will be like coming across a fire in the night at the dawn of time, a scared site from an alternative civilization.

We look forward to seeing you at GLOW in the Park on October 19th where you will be able to enjoy this brilliant installation by David Guinn and Robert Goodman. Get your tickets here.

Photograph is of “Electric Street,” David Guinn and Drew Billiau, 2016. Photo credit: Jen Francesco.