With the generous support of ArtPlace America, Fairmount Park Conservancy is honored to be part of ArtPlace America’s Community Development Investments (CDI) program. This three-year initiative assists the Conservancy with integrating cultural strategies into our mission delivery. Connecting artists and cultural partners with communities, we work to engage the power of the arts to enhance our treasured city parks.

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The Oval+

Summer 2017 welcomes a re-imagined version of the Oval back to the Parkway, emphasizing its role as both gateway to Fairmount Park and a great civic space in its own right. What's Your Parkway?

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West Park Arts Fest

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017: For the 10th anniversary of the West Park Arts Fest, five artists respond to the past and future of this historically significant site.

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Meadow Mansions

For the 2016 DesignPhiladelphia festival, the Conservancy invited twelve artists to create birdhouses for Fairmount Park’s meadows, raising awareness of this critical part of the park landscape.

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"Arts and culture are too often left out of community planning conversations. The Fairmount Park Conservancy is prepared to demonstrate the unique value that artists and arts organizations can bring to its civic life and economic development initiatives. They will serve as a national model for any place-based community development organization looking to work more comprehensively and inclusively to build a healthy, thriving community."

—Jamie Bennett

Executive Director, ArtPlace America

Anarchist’s Guide to Historic House Museums

Rethinking how Fairmount Park’s great estates can play a larger role in interpreting our city’s history and serve as places of contemporary arts and culture activity.

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