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A 3.5 mile route through Fairmount Park for local J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge teams (and everyone)!

by Sara Hirschler on October 6, 2020

Fairmount Park Conservancy is incredibly excited to be named as the sole nonprofit beneficiary in the region for the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge. 2020 marks the first year that JPMorgan Chase will bring its popular global event to Philadelphia. This year, the team running challenge has gone virtual and participation is complimentary. Here’s a great Kevin Hart video that ought to get you pumped up to participate! 

To help local #JPMCC teams enjoy the park while completing their 3.5 mile run, we’ve laid out a challenging course map through East Fairmount Park that stretches over trails and roads, linking together four of the park’s famous historic houses while training in the footsteps of neighborhood sporting legends

The trail is marked with blue and white spray chalk — all of which will be up* through October 22nd — the final day to submit your results to the race organizers. Note that trail markers are approximate: trust your run-tracking device.

We encourage you to welcome the #JPMCC to Philadelphia and to celebrate the Conservancy’s partnership with JPMorgan Chase by forming your own team with your company. The deadline to register is October 15th.

Enjoy the run!

Safety tips:

  • Participants must follow all applicable local, state, and national requirements and regulations regarding mask safety, exercise and social distancing. If you have any known symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19, you should seek medical advice before participating in the Series. For additional information about participant Rules & Safety, please visit the section on the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge website. 
  • Be alert and go headphone free, at least on the trail segments! Headphones leave you vulnerable to physical injury and crime. 
  • Wear bright, reflective colors and be extremely cautious crossing streets.
  • When parking your car, lock doors, carry keys with you, and never leave valuables in plain sight in the car.
  • Check thoroughly for ticks after leaving the woods. 

*Trail markers are temporary and we cannot guarantee that they will not wander off over the next few weeks. We’ll check in on the marked route every few days.

Fun tips:  

  • If you have JPMCC or Fairmount Park Conservancy swag, we encourage you to wear it! If not, a homemade shirt can be fun, too.
  • Enjoy the sites and sounds of Fairmount Park including a number of historic mansions and the inspiration of following in the footsteps of sporting legends as you traverse the Boxers’ Trail.
  •  Tag #JPMCC, #RemixTheRun @myphillypark on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter with your selfie.

Route map:

For the general turn by turn follow:

  • Start at our Mount Pleasant Mansion Park Hub which offers parking, a portable restroom, hand sanitizer and a park map.
  • Follow the path behind the mansion onto the Boxers’ Trail.
  • Turn right onto the trail. The trail winds through the trees and along the ridge overlooking Kelly Drive before emerging onto Edgely Field at Randolph Drive. 
  • At Edgely Field, turn left to continue along Boxer’s Trail as it winds along Randolph Drive and around the ball fields.
  • Enjoy the view of Laurel Hill Mansion. You’ve completed the first mile!
  • At the intersection of Randolph and Reservoir Drives, PROCEED VERY CAREFULLY ACROSS THE INTERSECTION, continuing straight onto Dauphin Drive.
  • Follow Dauphin Drive approximately one tenth of a mile to the Boxers’ Trail Gateway. You’ve reached the halfway point!
  • Turn left at the Gateway onto Greenland Drive and toward Strawberry Mansion.
  • Loop around the Strawberry Mansion driveway, retracing your path back along Greenland Drive and back to the Boxers’ Trail Gateway.
  • Enjoy the view of Strawberry Mansion and Woodford Mansion.
  • At the Boxer’s Trail Gateway, turn right onto Dauphin Drive, and follow for one tenth of a mile. 
  • Turn left onto Reservoir Drive, and follow for approximately one half mile.
  • Enjoy the view of Ormiston Mansion.
  • Turn right onto Mount Pleasant Drive. You are nearing the 3.5 mile finish!
  • Complete your run at Mount Pleasant Mansion and the nearby Fairmount Park Conservancy hub. 
  • Don’t forget to check out nearby Smith Memorial Playground and The Discovery Center in preparation for your next visit to East Fairmount Park.
  • Enjoy!

Looking for another challenging running course? Check out this ten-mile course we mapped for the Virtual Broad Street Run.

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