Community Spotlights

10 reasons why Philly loves We Walk PHL

by Melissa Romero on October 29, 2018

The fall season of We Walk PHL has officially come to an end, but that won’t stop folks from taking a walk in the park! The free walking group program, which the Conservancy carries out in partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, saw its biggest season yet, expanding from five to 10 park locations across Philadelphia: Clark Park, Cobbs Creek Park, East Fairmount Park, FDR Park, Hunting Park, Lanier Playground, Rose Playground, Tacony Creek Park, Vernon Park, and West Fairmount Park.

Below, get to know some of the many We Walk PHL participants who shared the many perks of taking a walk in the park! Want to join? Check the We Walk PHL Facebook group for the full schedule.  

1.  “I’ve met so many people throughout Philly and found some hidden treasures like scenic routes, trails and places to relax that I wasn’t aware of before. I love seeing and sharing pictures of our journeys and what inspires us to stay consistent in our health endeavors.” –Nicole, West Fairmount Park 

2. “I feel much better and more active now especially in my community. I believe you can be active yet relaxed while walking in Philly parks especially with good company.” –Hassan, Cobbs Creek Park and Rose Playground

3. “It allowed me to explore parks and events like the Parkside Fresh Food Fest that I would not have otherwise experienced.” –Susie, Hunting Park, East and West Fairmount Park

4. “I learned new things about trees, plants and animals as well as information to help me in life by other walk participants. –Josh, West Fairmount Park

5. “It has given me more motivation and something to look forward to and it has helped my energy level.” –Rose, Lanier Park

6. “I’ve lost at least 20 pounds since I’ve joined a year ago. I make sure I get out everyday 6 days a week and I enjoy it.” –Betty, Lockwood from Hunting

7. “We Walk PHL is awesome. It’s a great way to enjoy the beauty outside. It’s free and a great way to reduce stress. I have lost a few pounds and gained a few friends.” –Robin, East Fairmount Park

8. “I walk for the enjoyment and to be off the treadmill out in nature.” –Marci, FDR Park and Clark Park

9. “I can truly see and feel a difference. I can walk without getting tired and my clothes are loose. I have more energy too.” –Joan, Lanier Playground

10. “In the short time I’ve been a member, I’ve learned so much about my community and what it has to offer. I no longer hibernate at home on the weekends. I get out and walk with a fun group of women who are engaging and encouraging. I’ve discovered Fairmount Park, a treasure trove, just waiting to be explored. I must say a new world has opened up for me. –Michelle, Parks Hopper winner

Thanks to our partners at AARP-PA, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, TTF Watershed, and Friends of FDR Park for their support of We Walk PHL.