Exciting News!

Park Hubs are back!

by Fairmount Park Conservancy on June 2, 2022

Our Park Hubs are back to help you navigate Fairmount Park and FDR Park this summer! Park Hubs offer portable restrooms and maps, making them great jumping off points for park exploration. 

This year, we’ve also introduced Park Towers along MLK and Kelly Drives. The Park Towers do not have restrooms, however they do have maps & a list of distances to nearby Park Hubs. 

The Fairmount Park Hubs and Towers will remain up through October. The FDR Park Hub schedule is included below. 

View all Park Hub & Tower locations

West Fairmount Park Hubs

  • Concourse Lake: South Concourse Drive and Belmont Avenue (Directions)
  • Centennial District: Lansdowne Drive and Black Road (Directions)
  • Chamounix Drive: Chamounix Drive and South Chamounix Drive (Directions)

West Fairmount Park Towers (MLK Drive)

  • Black Road: MLK Drive and Black Road (Directions)
  • Strawberry Mansion Bridge: MLK Drive and W Strawberry Mansion Drive (Directions)
  • Sweetbriar: MLK Drive and Sweetbriar Drive (Directions)

East Fairmount Park Hubs

  • Lemon Hill Mansion: 1 Lemon Hill Drive (Directions)
  • Mount Pleasant Mansion: 3800 Mount Pleasant Drive (Directions)
  • Woodford Mansion: 2300 North 33rd Street (Directions)

East Fairmount Park Towers (Kelly Drive)

  • Lloyd Hall: Kelly Drive and Waterworks Drive (Directions)
  • Fountain Green: Kelly Drive and Fountain Green Drive (Directions)

FDR Park Hubs

  • Soccer Fields: on location April-October (Directions)
  • Broad Street: on location April-June (Directions)
  • Edgewood Lake & Little League Fields: on location July-October (Directions)
  • FDR Park Boathouse: on location July-October (Directions)