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Meet Lauren Daddis: Our beloved greenhouse yoga teacher!

by Sara Hirschler on April 16, 2020

Welcome to a new series where we get to know our beloved member event leaders a little better. These dedicated park champions lead our guided hikes, trail runs, meditations, forest therapy walks, yoga classes, and more year-round.  This week: Meet Lauren Daddis, who is a certified yoga teacher and leads our indoor and outdoor yoga classes at the Horticulture Center throughout the year.

What are your favorite parts of Philly’s parks?

The Greenhouse (Fairmount Park Horticulture Center) is obviously my most favorite space in Philadelphia, but I do really love Liberty Lands [in Northern Liberties]. That little spot holds a special place in my heart.  It’s really close to an amazing space called The Healing Fields if you’re in the area looking for quality yoga.

What has been one of the unexpected things about leading member events for Fairmount Park Conservancy over the years?

The most unexpected thing is that the classes sell out within hours of being posted online.  We started four years ago with 15 people and classes were monthly – now we have 60 people plus a waitlist every Sunday. Sometimes twice on Sunday, too!  It’s exciting!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at greenhouse yoga via 6abc’s FYI Philly!

What has been the best thing about leading member events for FPC over the years?

The best thing about leading yoga over the years has been watching the group grow and the energy we have. We have more Conservancy members than not and we really all love to spend our Sunday mornings together. I’ve watched friendships spark in class. I get to see people progress week after week – over years now! I really look forward to my time with my Sunday clan every week. The energy is the best!

Many folks have probably enjoyed your guided experiences several times, what are some fun facts about you they might not know?

Hmm..The members that have come to class multiple times probably know a lot about me considering I talk A LOT. 😉 I talk about my kids or my dog or basically anything that is on my mind. I don’t talk about work much though. I’m a west coast transplant and in my former life was a publicist for some pretty amazing musicians. I have good stories 😉 That experience gave me the background for my current career working at a matchmaking company. If anyone reading this is single, let’s chat! 

What are you doing during this challenging time for self care?

I work from home anyway so am fortunate enough that my job hasn’t been affected.  However, now I get to home school on top of working. So when there is downtime, I’m doing a lot of living room yoga, drinking wine, Netflix binges, and did I say wine? Oh! I bought running shoes, you guys! I can’t promise I will run in them, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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