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A “boring” update for FDR Park: we’re testing the soil

by Melissa Romero on November 19, 2021

Beginning November 22, you may notice some workers in construction vehicles active at FDR Park around Pattison Lagoon, by the future site of the Pattison Playground, and at the Guard House, future home of the FDR Welcome Center. These machines are involved with soil testing and evaluation, an important step in preparing for construction for Pattison Playground and the Welcome Center.

Soil testing requires the drilling, or boring, of 60-foot deep holes into the ground. Once soil samples are collected, the holes will be refilled and capped. This process will first take place at the site of the future Pattison Playground during the week of November 22. In early December, the soil around the Guard House (the future Welcome Center) will be tested. 

Why do we test the soil, and why now? Before building any structure, such as playground equipment, the soil on site needs to be tested to determine what type and what size foundation should be built on the land to support the structure. 

This is the next step to bringing the Pattison Playground and the Welcome Center to life at FDR Park. Both projects are slated to kick off construction in 2022.

To learn more about the FDR Park Plan, visit: bit.ly/fdrparkplan.