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Frankford Boat Launch and K&T Trail(Neighborhood Parks)

5600 Tacony Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States

This facility can accommodate a large number of vehicles for the boat launch in this location and anglers find it to be a very pleasant site to fish.

Lee Park(Neighborhood Parks)

4300 Powelton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Stenton Park(Neighborhood Parks)

1701 W Courtland St, Philadelphia, PA 19140

Papa Playground(Neighborhood Parks)

papa playground

Papa Playground is a well-kept recreation center with lots of activities and programs for youth! Sign up today to play soccer, baseball, football, make art, and much more!

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Burholme Park(Neighborhood Parks)

Burholme Park, Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Equipped with soccer, football, and baseball fields, a mini-golf course and playground, this Northeast park is family-friendly and fun!

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Blue Bell Park(Northwest Philly)

Blue Bell Park, West Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, PA, United States

This small park is multi-functional! With picnic spots, a baseball field, access to parking and trails, it is a great treat near Wissahickon Creek.

Belmont Grove(West Fairmount Park)

Belmont Grove, Belmont Mansion Drive, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Located in the heart of Fairmount Park, this picnic spot has green space and grills, pavilions and courts!

Awbury Park(Northwest Philly)

6101 Ardleigh St, Philadelphia, PA 19138, USA

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Stones Course(The Parkway)

Stones is a ball toss game played through a defined course with obstacles and boundaries. Teams throw their stones at a target ball with the closest ones scoring points. With each round, the target ball advances on the course, and when the end of the course is reached, the team with the most points wins.

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Courtesy Stable(The Parkway)

901 East Cathedral Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19128

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