Picnic Sites

Pennypack Park

Pennypack Pth, Philadelphia, PA 19136, USA

This park’s recreational trail along the riverbank connects several baseball and soccer fields with opportunities for walking, bicycling, and fishing. Picnic areas, a pier, a gazebo, and a pavilion overlook a small but beautiful tidal wetland preserve that leads to the mouth of the Pennypack Creek. A pair of bald eagles nests in this area. Beginning with a bridge spanning the creek, the Baxter Trail is to be constructed in the fall of 2014/2015. The 2 mile trail will link Pennypack on the Delaware to Pleasant Hill Park to the Baxter Trail.

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Burholme Park

Burholme Park, Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Equipped with soccer, football, and baseball fields, a mini-golf course and playground, this Northeast park is family-friendly and fun!

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