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Bartram’s Garden(West Philly)

Bartram's Garden, Lindbergh Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA, United States

A National Historic Landmark where you relax, tour, explore, and learn at!

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The Oval(The Parkway)

2451 Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia, PA 19130

Philadelphia’s "Park on the Parkway" is programmed every summer by Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation with free music, movies, fitness classes, and activities for all ages.

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The Medicine Man (1899) by Cyrus E. Dallin(East Fairmount Park)

"The Medicine Man" is one of four American Indian sculptures designed by the artist.

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Rocky (1980) by A. Thomas Schomberg(The Parkway)

This bronze by A. Thomas Schomberg was created for a scene in the film "Rocky III."

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The Pilgrim (1904) by Augustus Saint-Gaudens(East Fairmount Park)

"The Pilgrim" is a replica of Saint-Gaudens' "The Puritan" located in Springfiled, MA, but with changes to the dress and facial features.

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Playing Angels (1950) by Carl Milles(East Fairmount Park)

Installed in 1972, the work of Swedish-born artist Carl Milles are casts from a group of five originals from the Millesgarden in Stockholm, where they overlook that city’s harbor.

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Stoneage in America (1887) by John J. Boyle(East Fairmount Park)

Commissioned by the Fairmount Park Art Association (now the Association for Public Art), "Stone Age in America" was relocated in 1985 to a site on Kelly Drive to correlate with other sculptures "emblematic" of American history.

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The Wedges (1970) by Robert Morris(East Fairmount Park)

Standing in mysterious convocation, the eight wedges form a rounded square on the grass. The sculpture was installed along Kelly Drive in 1985.

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Thorfinn Karlsefni (1918) by Einar Jonsson(East Fairmount Park)

Thorfinn Karlsefni was said to have visited America’s shores as early as 1004. J. Bunford Samuel invited the Icelandic artist, Einar Jonsson, to create a sculpture of the icelandic hero.

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Cowboy (1908) by Frederic Remington(East Fairmount Park)

Installed in 1908, this sculpture by Frederic Remington is one of the country’s earliest examples of a site-specific work.

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