50 Unique Experiences

50 Unique Experiences - All Areas

Stones Course(The Parkway)

Stones is a ball toss game played through a defined course with obstacles and boundaries. Teams throw their stones at a target ball with the closest ones scoring points. With each round, the target ball advances on the course, and when the end of the course is reached, the team with the most points wins.

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Old Trolley Trails(West Fairmount Park)

The former trolley bed of the Fairmount Park Trolley.

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John B. Kelly Pool(West Fairmount Park)

A regulation size Olympic pool located in West Fairmount Park and open to the public in the summer

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Boxers’ Trail(East Fairmount Park)

This 3.8-mile scenic wooded trail is named after its original use as a training ground to generations of Philadelphia boxers, including world champion boxer Joe Frazier.

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Belmont Plateau Trails(West Fairmount Park)

Army Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA

The Belmont Plateau Trails are known for their rugged, forested slopes, lush meadows, and tree-lined creeks. Encompassing a network of several miles of trails including a cross country course that has been a local staple since the 1960's, these trails are used by mountain bikers, hikers, and runners. Fairmount Park Conservancy offers guided runs and hikes here throughout the seasons. Check our events page for more information. Trails maintained in partnership with Belmont Plateau Trails Alliance and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

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Philadelphia Zoo(Cultural Institutions)

3400 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104

The Philadelphia Zoo’s 42-acre garden is home to more than 1,300 animals, many of them rare and endangered. This was the first zoo in the United States and opened in 1874.

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Schuylkill River Grandstand(East Fairmount Park)

Catch a seat on the river to watch exciting crew races in session - or just to relax and watch the water.

Philly Pumptrack(West Fairmount Park)

Philadelphia’s first pumptrack built in 2013. A pumptrack is a dirt track around which riders can ride bicycles (especially BMX bikes) by using a pumping motion instead of pedaling

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Azalea Garden(East Fairmount Park)

Aquarium Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA

Features just over four-acres of fantastic horticulture. More than 150 different species of azaleas and rhododendrons are intertwined with oaks, sycamores, colorful blooms and annuals. Great place for a picnic!

Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course(East Fairmount Park)

3500 Reservoir Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA

Founded in 1976, Sedlgey Woods provides rough, forested terrain for a rewarding and challenging game of disc golf. The 27-hole course is lovingly maintained by The Friends of Sedgley Woods.

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