Exciting News!

Park Hubs are back in six locations!

by Fairmount Park Conservancy on July 10, 2024

Planning to visit Fairmount Park or FDR Park this summer? Our Park Hubs have portable restrooms, large signage with maps, photos of nearby attractions, and QR codes linking to resources, and parking available nearby, making them great jumping off points for park exploration.

Available through October, there are two hubs in West Fairmount Park, two in East Fairmount Park, and two in FDR Park. See locations below.

West Fairmount Park Hubs

  • Centennial District: South Concourse Drive & West Memorial Hall Drive (Directions)
  • Chamounix Drive: Chamounix Drive and South Chamounix Drive (Directions)

East Fairmount Park Hubs

  • Lemon Hill Mansion: 1 Lemon Hill Drive (Directions)
  • Edgley Drive: Reservoir Drive & Edgley Drive (Directions)

FDR Park Hubs

  • Olmsted Overlook & Anna C Verna Playground (Directions)
  • Edgewood Lake & Little League Fields (Directions)

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