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PARK AFTER DARK: Total Eclipse of the Moon!

You’re invited to a special supermoon lunar eclipse watch party on the Lemon Hill plateau!


Sunday, May 15, 2022 - Monday, May 16, 2022


10:30pm - 12:30am


Lemon Hill
3298 Sedgley Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Lunar lunatics and lovers of the night sky are invited to a special supermoon lunar eclipse watch party on the Lemon Hill plateau!

Gather late night for a bonfire at the Lemon Hill Picnic Pavilion and guided eclipse observation with astronomy educator Buddy Muhler. Enjoy complimentary s’mores and hot coco + coffee to stay awake and enjoy the eclipse with new friends around the fire!

May’s “supermoon*” is going to be SUPER special because besides coming closest to Earth, it’ll be cast in shadow with a long lasting eclipse! This event is perfectly timed for our region, assuming you’re a bit of a night owl.  The phenomenon can only be seen from parts of our planet that are experiencing night during the eclipse. Fortunately for us, the partial eclipse begins at 10:30 pm and by 11:30 pm, we’ll be able to witness the haunting beauty of a total lunar eclipse for an entire 84 minutes! During the event, the Earth’s shadow will temporarily cover the entire moon and light reflecting from the sun will give the moon a rusty orange or reddish glow, giving it the nickname “blood moon.”

Captain Buddy will set up his high powered telescope to transport your eyes to a lunar landing with an up-close view of the eclipse! Attendees are encouraged to bring their own telescopes or high powered binoculars. Limited binoculars are available to borrow.

If you’re a lunar lunatic, this is not an evening to miss. We just have to pray to the cosmos for clear skies!

[ *A supermoon is a full moon that appears to be slightly bigger and brighter than a typical full moon because it reaches its fullest phase when its orbit brings it closer to Earth. ]

TICKET PRICES: TICKET PRICES:  Pay what you can – $10, $15, or $20
[ Not sure what to pay? Please refer to this Sliding Scale Pricing FAQ for additional info. ]

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  • This is a nighttime picnic party! Bring your own flashlight / lantern- plus lawn chairs, blankets, and drinks & snacks!
  • Appropriate for adults and families with children ages 12 & up. Minors must be registered and accompanied by an adult.
  • For optimal moon enjoyment, bring a pair of binoculars .
  • It’s going to be late- please dress according to nighttime weather conditions.
  • Friendly dogs on leash are welcome.
  • There are nearby bathrooms (port-a-potties)

there is parking in the lot behind Lemon Hill Mansion. As always, NEVER leave valuables in your car!

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS:  By registering for this event you are agreeing to follow ALL of these protocols:

  • This event has limited capacity. Please only register if you fully intend to attend and let us know if you need to cancel ASAP.
  • Participants must maintain 6 feet of distance from one another during the event.
  • Please bring a mask. We encourage you to wear it if you’re in proximity to others.
  • If you or anyone in your household are exhibiting COVID-19 systems, please stay home.

Buddy Muhler is a passionate astronomer and science educator. He has over 15 years experience operating telescopes and educating the public on astronomy, first at The Franklin Institute and in his current position with The Academy of Natural Sciences.

In case of inclement weather or cloudy conditions, the event will be will be cancelled and attendees are eligible for a full refund.